DJ Linkup – Asakaa Mixtape 2023

DJ Linkup Drops 'Asakaa Mixtape 2023': A Ghanaian Drill Music Extravaganza for December Vibes

DJ Linkup sets the stage for an unforgettable December with the release of the ‘Asakaa Mixtape 2023.’ As the name suggests, this mixtape is a compilation of the latest and hottest Ghanaian drill music, curated to deliver the ultimate December jams.

The mixtape is a sonic celebration featuring music from some of the most prominent names in the Ghanaian drill scene. Brace yourself for a musical rollercoaster with tracks from Kwaku DMC, Kwesi Amewuga, Jay Bahd, Strongman, Amerado, Black Sherif, and many other talented artists.

DJ Linkup’s expert curation ensures that each track seamlessly blends into the next, creating a cohesive and energetic mixtape that captures the essence of the Ghanaian drill sound. Whether you’re a devoted fan of the genre or looking to discover new artists, the ‘Asakaa Mixtape 2023’ promises an immersive experience.

Don’t miss the chance to infuse your December with the infectious beats and rhythm of Ghanaian drill music. DJ Linkup invites you to enjoy a musical journey that defines the sound of the season. Press play and let the ‘Asakaa Mixtape 2023’ set the tone for your December vibes.


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