Ghanaian Singer Camidoh Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles Amidst Recognition and Industry Challenges

Ghanaian singer Camidoh, recently nominated for a BET award, has opened up about his ongoing struggles with mental health, shedding light on the impact of two serious road accidents he survived this year. In a candid discussion, he emphasized the significance of maintaining stable mental well-being, revealing the challenges he faced and the subsequent impact on his creative work.

Having almost overcome post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Camidoh disclosed, “I was almost getting over my PTSD and recently I got involved in two major road accidents that really became very traumatic for me. So I had to take my therapy sessions more seriously, now I do two in a week.”

These challenges have posed setbacks for the ‘Sugarcane’ hitmaker, hindering his creative pursuits. Speaking on TV3 Newday, Camidoh expressed the difficulties faced by creatives in Ghana, emphasizing the lack of proper funding to support their endeavors. He highlighted the pressure on Ghanaian artists to match their counterparts in Nigeria, who benefit from more extensive financial backing.

“It’s really tough in Ghana as a creative; we do not have the right funding to support us. There is a lot of pressure on Ghanaian creatives because of what is happening in Nigeria, but they have the funding,” he noted.

Camidoh’s call for financial support extends beyond his personal struggles, addressing the broader challenges faced by the Ghanaian creative industry. He expressed the desire for increased support to empower artists, allowing them to thrive and make substantial contributions to the country’s GDP.

In opening up about his mental health journey, Camidoh sheds light on the resilience required by artists facing industry pressures and emphasizes the need for a more supportive environment for creative professionals in Ghana.

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