Ko-Jo Cue – I’M Back [FULL EP]

Ko-Jo Cue Marks His Return to Hip-Hop Glory with 'I'M Back' EP: A Celebration of Authenticity and Artistry

After a stellar performance with “Free Throw” and a memorable BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher, Ko-Jo Cue makes a bold comeback with his latest EP, “I’M Back.” Released on November 16, this seven-track project marks Cue’s first venture after a two-year hiatus, emphasizing a return to the fundamental elements of hip-hop—rhymes, flows, and technical ability.

The EP’s rollout draws inspiration from basketball and sports, featuring collaborations with Ghanaian rap luminaries such as Joey B, Kwaku DMC, Tulenkey, Strongman, YPee, Kweku Smoke, and Ria Boss. Themes of self-expression, celebration, and seizing the day permeate the project, while production credits go to Fortune Dane, iPappi, Retro, Kobe Norths, and others.

“I’M Back” begins with the homage-paying track “Mac Tontoh,” featuring Bigg Homie Flee, followed by the scathing commentary on fake personas in “Someway.” “Free Throw” celebrates triumph over adversity, while “32” is a drill anthem featuring Kweku Smoke and Kwaku DMC.

The EP delves into ambition, resilience, and hard work in “OKAY OKAY,” featuring verses from Strongman and YPee, and offers insightful social commentary in “Cedi Kasa.” Closing the EP with the Ria Boss-assisted “Happy Endings,” Ko-Jo Cue reflects on life’s unpredictability.

“I’M Back” is more than an album; it’s a statement—a celebration of authentic hip-hop, a nod to inspiring sports, and a tribute to collaborators who shaped Ko-Jo Cue’s journey. Beyond the beats, it showcases Cue’s storytelling prowess and commitment to addressing societal issues through his music.

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