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Kweku Smoke – Comfortable Lead (Strongman Diss)

Ghana’s rap scene is currently ablaze as two of the country’s finest young talents, Kweku Smoke and Strongman, engage in a spirited lyrical battle. The latest installment in this musical feud is Kweku Smoke’s scorching response titled ‘Comfortable Lead.’


In ‘Comfortable Lead,’ Kweku Smoke unloads a barrage of hard-hitting verses aimed squarely at Strongman, showcasing his lyrical prowess and verbal dexterity. The track is a testament to the competitive spirit within Ghana’s rap community, as these two wordsmiths trade blows with the precision of seasoned warriors.

The ongoing rap feud has captured the attention of fans and music enthusiasts alike, with each artist aiming to outshine the other in this intense verbal sparring match. ‘Comfortable Lead’ adds another layer to the unfolding drama, as Kweku Smoke asserts his dominance in the rap arena.

The beats and rhymes in ‘Comfortable Lead’ create an intense atmosphere, making it a must-listen for those who appreciate the art of rap and the competitive edge that fuels the genre. The track is not just a response; it’s a declaration of lyrical supremacy.

Don’t miss the latest chapter in this riveting rap saga – listen below and immerse yourself in the charged energy of ‘Comfortable Lead’ as Kweku Smoke and Strongman continue to raise the stakes in their musical clash!

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