DJ Halm Biography

Justice Kojo Halm (born November 9, 1992), professionally known as DJ Halm (also known as HALM), is a Ghanaian record producer, record executive, and DJ.

Embarking on a production career in the 2010s, he is best known for his success as a DJ and later pursuing the art of music production and sound engineering due to his affiliation and relation with the sensational unklebeatz.

In 2016, DJ Halm was credited with production on charting hits such as “Edoo” by Medikal , and freshly released BOOOM by Medikal”

He has worked with many artistes and producers from both the “mainstream” and the “underground”, some of these include Medikal, Phill Blak, Looney ,Real Ahtittude, and the list goes on.

IG: quojo_Halm
Twitter: DjHalm_spraah
Facebook :DjHalm Spraah
Soundcloud: HalmDj_Sprr

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