DJ Lord OTB – For The Culture (EP. 4)

DJ Lord OTB Celebrates Ghanaian Hip-Hop in 'For The Culture' EP. 4

DJ Lord OTB, an advocate for promoting and honoring Ghanaian music, reaffirms his commitment with the release of the fourth installment of his acclaimed mixtape series, ‘For The Culture.’ This latest addition to his catalog is a deep dive into the world of Ghanaian Hip-Hop, showcasing the multifaceted talent that defines the genre in the local context.

‘For The Culture’ EP. 4 is a testament to DJ Lord OTB’s dedication to amplifying the voices of Ghanaian artists. As an award-winning DJ, he skillfully unravels the layers of talent within the Hip-Hop scene, providing a platform for emerging and established artists alike.

Listeners can expect a musical journey that not only celebrates the diversity of Ghanaian Hip-Hop but also pays homage to the vibrant culture that shapes it. The mixtape is a curated selection that highlights the richness and innovation present in the local music scene.

Download ‘For The Culture’ EP. 4 now to immerse yourself in the beats, flows, and stories that define Ghanaian Hip-Hop. DJ Lord OTB continues to champion the local music landscape, ensuring that the culture thrives and evolves. 🎧🇬🇭 #DJLordOTB #ForTheCultureEP4

DOWNLOAD  DJ Lord OTB – For The Culture (EP. 4)

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