I Disagree With Those Who Claim We’ve Lost Our Sound – Samini

Samini Affirms Ghana's Musical Identity, Highlights Consistency in 'Samini Music

Ghanaian Reggae and Dancehall artist Samini has passionately refuted claims that Ghana has lost its musical identity, asserting that he has been creating a distinctive sound known as ‘Samini music’ for the past two decades. In a recent interview on Property FM, the musician expressed his disagreement with those who believe in the loss of Ghana’s musical essence.

Samini confidently stated that he has consistently contributed to the Ghanaian music scene with his unique style, emphasizing that his current songs maintain the same musical thread as his earlier creations. Addressing concerns about the nation’s supposed loss of musical identity, he firmly stated, “I don’t think we’ve lost our sound, so I don’t share the same sentiments or views.”

During the interview, Samini took a nostalgic journey, citing his classic track “Where My Baby Dey” as an example of the enduring essence of his musical identity. He highlighted that the unique sound that defines his artistry has remained intact over the years. According to Samini, comparing his current works to earlier creations like “Where My Baby Dey” reveals a consistent musical identity.

“I’ve been creating Samini music for the past two decades, and that’s what I’m about. So if you listen to good vibes today and you go and listen to ‘Where My Baby Dey,’ you’d know that it’s the same guy,” he confidently added on the show.

In summary, Samini staunchly believes in the preservation of Ghana’s musical identity and stands as a testament to the enduring and consistent thread that defines his contributions to the nation’s vibrant music scene over the years.

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