DJ Crack – Vibes On Vibes Mixtape (Feat. Seyi, Asake)

DJ Crack Unleashes 'Vibes On Vibes Mixtape': A 53-Minute Musical Journey with Seyi Vibez and Asake

Embark on a musical odyssey as DJ Crack presents the ‘Vibes On Vibes Mixtape,’ a compilation of seamless beats spanning almost 53 minutes. This captivating mixtape spotlights the musical prowess of Seyi Vibez and Asake, promising a journey that transcends genres and captivates the senses.


DJ Crack, known for curating exceptional mixes, brings together the finest tracks from Seyi Vibez and Asake in this carefully crafted mixtape. As the beats intertwine, creating an unbroken flow of music, listeners are treated to an immersive experience that goes beyond mere sound.

Seyi Vibez’s soulful melodies and Asake’s vibrant tunes come together in perfect harmony, making the ‘Vibes On Vibes Mixtape’ a must-listen for music enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of Afrobeat, R&B, or a blend of both, this mixtape caters to diverse musical tastes.

Dive into the rhythm, feel the vibes, and let DJ Crack elevate your auditory senses with this exceptional mixtape. The ‘Vibes On Vibes Mixtape’ is more than just music; it’s a celebration of the artistry of Seyi Vibez and Asake, meticulously curated for your listening pleasure.

Don’t miss out on this musical journey – listen below and let the vibes resonate!

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