LoveSid – With U (feat. Idea) (Prod. By Kodakbeatz)

LoveSid Debuts Afrobeat Magic with 'With U': A Captivating Blend of Love and Rhythmic Poetry

LoveSid marks his Afrobeat debut with the release of “With U,” a track that exudes total vibes and rhythmic magic. The beats, skillfully cooked up by Kodakbeatz and polished by RealbozzOne, set the stage for a love story that seamlessly blends English and Ewe, offering listeners the best of both worlds.

The lyrics of “With U” are akin to poetic verses, as LoveSid passionately woos his lover with references to the iconic love shared by Romeo and Juliet. The commitment level is off the charts, with promises to follow his beloved until he takes his last breath, adding an extra layer of depth to the narrative.

Enhancing the emotional impact, the beats elevate the overall feels, making “With U” a song that begs to be on repeat. Beyond a mere musical composition, “With U” is a transformative journey into the magic of Afrobeat, where love and music intertwine seamlessly.

LoveSid, in collaboration with Idea, unveils something significant in the Afrobeat realm with “With U.” This debut track is just the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable journey, and the Afrobeat world is ready to embrace it. 🎢✨

πŸ”— DOWNLOAD ‘With U’: Click Here


Experience the allure of LoveSid’s Afrobeat debut and join the enchanting world of “With U.” Download now and witness the start of something big in Afrobeat!

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