Eno Barony – Lowkey

Eno Barony Unveils 'Lowkey': A Deep Dive into Modern Relationship Struggles

Eno Barony delves into the intricacies of modern relationships with her latest single, ‘Lowkey.’ Released with poignant timing, the track offers a compelling narrative on the challenges that accompany love in today’s world.

In ‘Lowkey,’ Eno Barony skillfully captures the essence of contemporary relationships, addressing the struggles, uncertainties, and complexities that often remain hidden beneath the surface. The song serves as a mirror to the unspoken aspects of love, providing listeners with a relatable and authentic experience.

To immerse yourself in the depth of ‘Lowkey,’ you can stream and download the track via the following link: Eno Barony – Lowkey. This platform offers a seamless way to engage with the single and delve into the emotive journey that Eno Barony unfolds through her music.


Lowkey – Eno Barony

Dem dead!!

borgafoɔ mpenatweɛ ɛnoaa ne ‘babe I miss you’, mame nhwɛ wo nufo

meyɛ ne bronya akokɔ ‘local fowl’

December ɔba abetutu

Me papa size na mene no twe mpena nti mamma na anfeeli ɔbɛsi me koto

na sɛ me yɛ ne seee na me yɛ ne saa ɔbet ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

borga aba oo

ɔbɛhwɛ na borga aba oo aahh

dada ada oo

ɔbɛhwɛ na dada ada oo

ɔhyɛ wo dan mu a na Ɛyɛ wo dea

nti wohu me ne wo boy a mɛntreti me

sɛ mene obi bɛko wɔ bɛɛma ho

anka mede bɛko jollof ho wɔ ayiase

4x your man, my man,

yɛnnyinaa yɛn man

2x low key yɛwe amanfoɔ ruff

yewrɔ amanfoɔ drɔss

Wo boy no ɛnyɛ wonkoaa na wowe

nso woba a wo nkyia nti yentumi nka

wo girl no ɛnyɛ wonkoaa na wowe o

nso woba a won sorti yentumi nka

Girls aba obiaa boys yɛ three

bestie bestie nso ɔkura spare key

ɛnnɛ mmerɛ yi mu bɛɛma bɛn na ɛnni side chick

wafa ne serious obi we no cheap

wobɛtena traffic tenten mu akodu Kasoa

na Ɔbaa fofro hyɛ dan mu

wofira wo towel de too wo boy mpa so na aduane wonoa yɛ na oodi ah

boys aba yɛnyɛ mo den ni

wopɛ a mano three rounds daily

Pu woto hwɛ wiem na mawo seyi apuu

still naa obi bɛdi

4x your man, my man

yennyinaa yɛn man

2x low-key yɛwe amanfoɔ ruff

yɛwrɔ amnfoɔ drɔss

Don’t miss the chance to connect with the raw, unfiltered portrayal of modern relationships in ‘Lowkey.’ Eno Barony’s artistry shines through as she navigates the complexities of love, making this single a must-listen for anyone seeking a genuine and resonant musical experience.

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