Gyakie – Rent Free (Prod. By AFROLEKTRA)

Gyakie's Melodic Love Affair: Exploring Trust and Devotion in 'Rent Free

Gyakie unveils the enchanting world of love and trust in her newest single, ‘Rent Free.’ The chorus echoes the sentiments of an unshakeable connection with the words, “You are living inside my head, rent-free, baby,” suggesting that the person in Gyakie’s thoughts is a constant presence she can’t escape. The poignant question, “Abo sen na wope se wo ko fie yi?” translates to “It’s too early to leave my thoughts.”

In a vulnerable moment, Gyakie expresses that her love makes her susceptible and earnestly pleads with her special someone not to take advantage. The lyrics, “Don’t break me, don’t use me, Don’t lose me, don’t leave me in the dark,” reveal the depth of emotion and the desire for a genuine connection.

The song serves as a heartwarming declaration of affection, capturing the essence of a love that transcends boundaries. Gyakie’s ‘Rent Free’ is a celebration of the beauty found in genuine connections and the vulnerability that comes with it.

🎵 Stream/Download ‘Rent Free’: https://gyakie.lnk.to/rent-free


Immerse yourself in the melodic tapestry of Gyakie’s ‘Rent Free’ and experience the emotional nuances of love and devotion. Stream or download now to be a part of this soul-stirring musical journey!

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