Mayor Of Atlanta Declares November 18 ‘Davido Day’

Atlanta Mayor and Fulton County Honor Davido with Proclamations for Outstanding Contributions

The Mayor of Atlanta, Andre Dickens, and the Atlanta City Council have officially recognized the immense impact of Nigerian-American singer Davido in the city. Following Davido’s headline performance at the State Farm Arena during the A.W.A.Y Festival, the Mayor declared November 18 as “Davido Day” in honor of the singer.

Expressing gratitude for Davido’s tireless efforts, Mayor Dickens acknowledged the artist’s global influence, noting his achievements as a singer, songwriter, producer, business leader, philanthropist, and community advocate. The proclamation extends beyond Atlanta, recognizing Davido’s commitment to giving back to communities in both the United States and across Africa.

Simultaneously, the Atlanta City Council issued an official statement declaring November 18, 2023, as “Davido Day” in the City of Atlanta.

In a parallel tribute, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners has also extended its appreciation to Davido. Designating November 21 as “Davido Appreciation Day” in Fulton County, Georgia, the Board acknowledges the artist’s significant contributions to the music and entertainment industry.

The Board’s statement reads, “Be it resolved, That the Fulton County Board of Commissioners recognizes David for his contributions to the music and entertainment industry and does hereby proclaim Tuesday, November 21, 2023, ‘Davido Appreciation Day’ in Fulton County, Georgia.”

These proclamations highlight Davido’s enduring impact on the global music scene and his commitment to using his platform for positive contributions, earning him well-deserved recognition from the city of Atlanta and Fulton County, Georgia.

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